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 “It was great!!  This doctors office always treats me with so much patience, and explains everything to my understanding.  They always have a smile on their face.  I love my doctors office!!” Patient in Love 3/30/18

“Awesome visit and staff.  Hands down to all the ladies, they deal with me calling and needing things done for work and they are just super pleasant.  I know they have a hard job.” A.C. 3/28/18

“Awesome as always!!!” Amanda 3/19/18

“My experience was great.  Everyone on the staff was welcoming and made me feel comfortable.  The doctor was extremely informative and helped me see the benefit behind the custom orthotic.” Pleased Patient 3/14/18

“Dr. Ivey worked wonders on my foot!  I feel wonderful.  You all are great and I’m so glad I found you.  Thank you!” S.M. 3/14/18

“Wonderful!  Had wrong day but you all saw me anyways.  Everyone was so helpful.  Thank you for your kindness and professionalism.” Liz 3/7/18

“It was a good visit with a good doctor.” Very happy patient 3/1/18

“Awesome!” Tom 2/28/18

“Most excellent from desk to door.  High marks for attention and efficiency.  Celina was very thorough and perceptive.  Dr. Ivey is an excellent diagnostician, evaluator and listener.  Thank you!” D.P.J. 2/28/18

“Helps my feet feel good.  Thanks!” ❤ 2/28/18

“This place is Feet-tastic!” 👣 2/28/18

“Good people.” J. Smith 2/28/18

“Everyone here is  awesome.  Great job!” Happy Patient 2/27/18

“You have a very efficient office.  Reminder calls are always done, and we appreciate it a lot.  Thank you!” Beverly & daughter 2/27/18

“You’re the BEST Dr. Ward!” Sadie 2/27/18

“Thank you for all your love and support over the many several years.” Alyssa 2/26/18

“Best foot and ankle doc in ABQ.  Thank you!” ❤ 2/26/18

“Thank you Dr. Ivey and his staff.  You all have the most beautiful hearts.” ❤ 2/26/18

“Eva was awesome!” C. 2/23/18

“Dr. Ivey is the best!  Have been seeing him for many years.  Thank you!” Frances 2/23/18

“Love the help…what a crew!” Bob 2/22/18

“Love all of you!  Keep up the great work.” M.G. 2/22/18

“Thanks so much.  Awesome Dr. Ward and all staff.” Darla 2/21/18

“Very well.  It was nice to see Dr. Ivey again.  He is always very professional and yet he’s still highly humorous!  He is very, very awesome.  Always making my feet happy.”Dominic’s Happy Feet 😁 2/21/18

“What an awesome place to come, such cheerful and kind personnel.  Thank you all for your cheerful encouragement – it helps the healing!” P.H.C.  2/20/18

“Dr. Ivey and Staff, Happy Valentines Day!  My foot is so beautiful and NO PAIN.” Christine 2/14/18

“Missed seeing Gabby.  She’s very sweet on the phone, and really takes care of the patients.  Very professional.” Patricia R. 2/13/18

“Excellent!  Removal of a thorn-like thing with Dr. Tenny.  Pleasure to meet and with treatment.  Loved the staff.” Extremely Satisfied Patient 2/9/18

“Very good! Dr. Ivey was great.  He answered all my foot questions to my understanding.  Very professional and efficient as was the whole staff.  Thank you!” Heidi A. 2/7/18


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